Spindle view

The spindle is the structure within the egg where chromosomes (DNA) are located. Spindle Imaging uses powerful microscopes to check for critical structures in the human oocyte, identifying any abnormalities that would indicate a poor quality egg or abnormal genetic content. Though routine microscopes may show a normal egg, viewing the spindle allows us to identify any positional or anatomic anomalies within the egg prior to injection that may predict a poorer outcome if the abnormal egg is fertilized. The aim of the embryologist is to inject a good quality sperm into a good quality egg maximizing the chance of a healthy embryo. With Spindle Imaging the embryologist can optimise the selection of the eggs to inject.

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At Hope, 2 out of every 3 embryo transfers resulted in pregnancy.
75% of our patients have a successful pregnancy.
We offer our eligible patients multiple treatment attempts with a single payment and full reimbursement if pregnancy is not achieved.
All embryo transfers were performed on day 5.

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