Sara Borg

Sara offers a sacred space for her clients.

A place to help you restore harmony in body, mind and soul.

A space to cut through the confusion of what to eat, how to eat and when to eat. To answer your questions in relation to all things health and wellness, supplements, supporting your body whilst taking medication or challenging chronic health conditions.

To leave you with the knowledge and mindset to make your own food choices and above all feel like you’re thriving, glowing and leading a healthier and happier life.

For this reason, my approach uses a combination of evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle advice, tailored to your own unique biochemistry, lifestyle, current goals and health concerns.

During our sessions together, we start by diving into your health history, from surgeries to illness, to traumas and stressful events, to heartbreak and loss. We look at your diet, your lifestyle routine, movement levels, sleep quality, as well as the time you make for connection.

Above all, we dig deep, peeling back layers and shedding the barriers to better understand why you are feeling the way you are today.

And so the journey begins, by taking it back to basics.

We use food as medicine, combined with lifestyle and spiritual practices from different cultures and ancient traditions, which I’ve learnt through further studies, research and little tools I’ve gathered along the way in my experience as a health practitioner.

A path of encouragement, support and guidance to help you build a positive relationship with food and the freedom to attain a sustainable lifestyle change that works for you.

Your home is your body.

Let’s treat it with loving kindness.

Balance Nutrition & Well-being is a space for soulful simplicity, a space for you to honour who you really are.