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Egg and Sperm Freezing

Egg Freezing

Egg freezing is an ideal way to store your oocytes in advance of starting a family. Most women today will start a family later in life. Age, is known to impact a females egg quantity and quality, making it more difficult to conceive later on in life. Storing oocytes (eggs) in advance enables the availability of your younger eggs in the future especially if you find it challenging to conceive naturally later on in life. Here at Hope we combine a fertility assessment and a consultation to talk you through your options and current success rates depending on your age and test results, ensuring you are maximising your chance of staring a family later on in life.

Sperm Banking/Preservation

Should you wish to preserve your sperm as a safeguard for use in the future or should you wish to bank sperm prior to any treatment that can affect your fertility we are here to help. If you are considering a vasectomy, you can also store sperm in advance to enable you to conceive in the future should you wish to.

Male Surgical sperm retrieval

Should you be diagnosed with conditions affecting your sperm production or quality we offer a full range of investigations and treatments to help. Should you have an issue with producing sperm (Ejaculation) we can also offer surgical sperm retrieval procedures to help you store sperm for use in the future.