Lead Nurse

Annalisa Falzon Cascun

Annalisa a fully trained Senior Staff nurse has been with Hope Fertility & IVF since the very beginning and is now our Continuous Improvement Lead in the Nursing Team. Starting her career as a nurse at the Emergency Department in St Luke’s Hospital and later on at Mater Dei Hospital, Annalisa completed her studies at the Institute Health Care, University of Malta in 2003.


Annalisa has committed her life to exemplary leadership, enhancing clinic operations, and fostering the professional growth of healthcare workers. Annalisa designed Hope with patient care at the forefront using her own background in patient care and 20 years of patient feedback.


She puts in a lot of effort to incorporate patient feedback into the clinic on a regular basis and takes pride in quality management at  Hope to ensure that all aspects of the clinic are kept to a high standard.